The AFL 2008 Grand Final was held at the M.C.G. 100,012 people watched the heavy favourites Geelong, who had 21 wins and 1 loss in the Home and Away season, face 2nd place Hawthorn, with 17 home and away season wins, Hawks also featured Lance "Buddy" Franklin, who is the 28th man to kick 100 goals in a season. There were many expectations as it would compete with the 1989 epic Cats v.s Hawk Grand final. It was close for all of the match.With the cats leading by a point at quater time. The Hawks got the lead and were in front by 3 points at half time after cat Cameron Mooney missed from about 2 metres out after the siren. the Hawks went on a roll and led by 17 points at the final break. the hawks eventually came over the odds and beat Geelong 18.7-115 to 11.23-89, a 26 point win.

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