Key events

  • Centenary Year of the VFL/AFL
  • A once off Lightning Premiersip competition was played before the season, won by Essendon.
  • The merger of Brisbane and Fitzroy
  • Team of the Century announced
  • The lights fail at Waverley Park during a game between Essendon and St.Kilda
  • The VFA changed it's name to the VFL
  • North Ballarat and Traralgon joined the VFL
  • Campbelltown move from the Sydney FL to the ACTAFL
  • North Brisbane folded in the QAFL
  • The SAFA merged with the SA Amateur FL
  • The Bass Valley Wonthaggi FL, the Tungamah FL and the Monaro AFL folded
  • The Yorke Valley FL changed it's name to the Yorke Peninsula FL
  • The Northern Amateur FL changed it's name to the Northern Tasmanian FA
  • The Southern Amateur FL changed it's name to the Southern Tasmanian FL




  • AFL: North Melbourne
  • VFL: Springvale
  • SANFL: Port Adelaide
  • WAFL: Claremont
  • TFL: Clarence
  • Sydney FL: Western Suburbs
  • QAFL: West Brisbane
  • NTFL: St.Marys

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